Ronni's Story Begins In The Kitchen 

Growing up in a big city like Shanghai there was never a shortage of delicious food. One of my earliest memories was

strolling through an enormous street food carnival and

being fascinated by chefs working behind constant streams

of smoke & steam. the fusion of spices and smoking wok

smells always transport me back to that exact moment.



        My dad is a keen cook, who takes immense pride in his cooking. I                  remember with great fondness, the banquets that he cooked up                      every Chinese New Year using just two gas hobs. Food is his true                                      love and passion. In his opinion there is no problem                                            that food can’t solve, and I kind of inherited this too.


After graduating from my Masters degree in PR I threw myself into my work in marketing until taking time off to concentrate on raising my two little boys. Being at home has deepened my joy for cooking and encouraged by lots of good feedback from friends and family, Ronni’s kitChen is born.


My passion lies in simple and unfussed cooking using fresh and readily available ingredients. I’m an advocate of improvising using staple goods already at hand rather than spending a fortune on them because a recipe says so.

We will be concentrating on cooking methods such as stir-frying and steaming. There are authentic dishes that you may not have heard of or tasted previously but I guarantee it’ll quickly replace your old favourites.


I believe you cannot learn how to cook by just watching. So, roll up your sleeves and let’s get woking!

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